Meet Vectis Technology

Counterbalanced Motion
Vectis™ technology provides the envious feel commonly associated with  some of the quality manufacturers we have had the pleasure to work with, such as Sub Zero, Viking RangeJenn Air, Kamado Joe and Hestan Outdoor.

Our Spring Technology reduces slams, improves ergonomics and minimizes the risks of accidents often associated with intimidating and potentially dangerous, heavy lids.

Flexible Options

The many Vectis options we offer, allow you to dial in the precise feel you’re looking for: 

  • Bidirectional Tru Counterbalance
  • Spring Assist
  • Coast Open and Coast Close
  • Soft Open and Soft Close
  • Pop Up
Vectis Technology is the culmination of decades of mechanical motion control engineering expertise into an ever increasing line of precision counterbalance and spring assisted hinges.
Whether your application requires the absolute precision of counterbalance technology or simply the benefits of a featherlight, soft-open/soft-close, spring-assisted device; our award-winning Vectis team of engineers will provide you with the exact solution you require.
  1. Tru Counterbalance
    When the lid/hood stays where you put it.  In other words, it will not move after you position it at the desired angle.
    This occurs when the lid torque is matched by spring torque and the friction envelope.

    The spring provides the added benefit of offsetting heavy lid weight for fingertip control and feel.
  2. Spring Assist
    Force provided to offset the heavy feel of a hood/lid.  The lid will typically tend to coast open and/or coast closed
    from approximately the middle of it’s opening range.
  3. Coast Closed
    Lid will tend to move toward the closed position because the lid torque is greater than the spring plus friction torque.
  4. Coast Open
    Lid will tend to move toward the open position as a result of the lid torque being less than the spring minus friction torque.
  5. Soft Open / Soft Closed
    Rate of final opening and/or closing controlled by use of a damper in conjunction with springs.  Excess energy is absorbed to prevent sudden stop or slam.
  6. Slam
    The undesirable violent closing that creates noise, an abrupt stop and/or damage to the product or worse, injury, resulting in a negative user experience.
  7. Pop Up
    A slight rise of a few degrees from the close position due to the spring torque being greater than the lid torque.  This can be advantageous when a latch is used, as it creates a gap for opening the lid.
  8. Damper
    A device to absorb excess energy to reduce excess speed. It has a restraining or subduing effect to prevent slams.

Feel The Invisible.

In most kitchens, we're invisible.
Yet, when you open an oven door, lift a grill hood or reach for a fridge door that bears our Vectis Technology seal, you'll KNOW we are there.
See what our Vectis Technology can do for you.

It's about the feel.

Fine Tuned & Tailored OEM Solutions

Every Vectis counterbalance mechanism is custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application.  Incorporating Weber Knapp’s patented technology, each Vectis designed application leverages our engineers' decades of counterbalance experience.

Soft Open & Soft-Close Options

Vectis counterbalance technology is enhanced with the addition of a damper action in both the open and/or closed position.  Eliminate the concerns your clients have regarding heavy, cumbersome lids with better ergonomics!

Superior to Gas Cylinders

Our Vectis hinge technology eliminates the need for worrisome gas cylinders and helps in preventing failures and spoilage.

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Oven Doors

Come experience what we’re are talking about with our oven door demo.

The Soft-Open/Soft-Close Oven Door enhances our Vectis counterbalance technology with the addition of a damper action in both the open AND closed industry first!   

The Soft-Open & Soft-Close feature is designed to stand up to the rigors of commercial use.

Eliminate the concerns your clients have regarding heavy, cumbersome doors!

Food Prep Tables

Springloaded counterbalance hinges are uniquely designed to integrate seamlessly into food preparation tables.

Tru Counterbalance action will allow the lid to stay where you put it.  No need to concern yourself with not opening far enough or have it fly to a full open position.  Reliable spring design assures high cycle life and eliminates replacement cost and the down time associated with leaking cylinders.   

Three convenient mounting options:   Internal Mount | External Side Mount | Back Mount

Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

Vectis Counterbalance Technology in another direction.  TWO directions to be exact!  Come see and feel what we’re capable of doing with heavy lids and hoods with our bidirectional application for BBQ grill lids.  If you have a heavy lid that requires a spring assist or counterbalance we can help. 

Flip-Up Bar Top

"TRY ME!" says it all.   Weber Knapp is proud to introduce the latest innovation in our Vectis Hospitality line of products.  Our Bar Top Mechanism provides an alternative to the limited solutions available for heavy bar top drawbridge-like applications. 

Using the foundation of our standard Vectis counterbalance mechanisms,  we can customize the mounting application to fit your requirements.   

What our clients say

Weber Knapp does it again!

We challenged them to design another “Air Lift Hinge” for the Pro Joe™ that requires 50% more spring force than on the Big Joe™,
to make it in #8 mirror bright stainless steel finish, and do it all within ½ of their normal development time.

An “all hands on deck” attitude came together with Swiss watch precision to deliver prototypes and production on time and on budget.

Our product wouldn’t be what it is without them.”

Bobby Brennan President/CEO Kamado Joe

“From the initial contact, through the entire design, prototype, testing and production process.”

“Weber Knapp was an extension of our engineering effort and an integral part of our successful launch.  From that point on, we knew we had found what we were looking for.”

Hans Wenzel Design Engineer at Hestan Commercial Corporation

Have Questions? Need a Quote?

Let us address any of your motion control related technical challenges, from the simplest to the most complex. 

We are hard at work to provide you with unsurpassed solutions that will wow your end-users every time.

Our team of engineers will be delighted to contact you to further discuss your needs. 

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